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Property Management

More than 10 years in the U.S market, with extensive experience in buying, selling and managing real estate, we, at DTB Florida Realty, guarantee to take care of our assets as our own, aiming at the best profitability and the highest return rate of our customers.


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(Vacation Homes)

Hiring of third parties, cleaning and maintenance of the property, cleaning of swimming pools, contracting of services of cable TV and internet, mailbox (PO Box), fumigation of the property, etc.

Receipt of rent direct to customer account.

Drive sheets, shared via "Google Sheets", so that the customer has daily access to new locations.

Revenue and expense sheets, shared via "Google Sheets", for analysis and tracking of return on investments.

Weekly issuance of service invoices so the client can make payments for commissions (short term contracts).

Installation of equipment with remote code in the door of the property, so that only the client can authorize the entrance. (short term contracts).

Payments of accounts of the property by means of debit card or bank account of the client.

Contact the contractor's customer service for warranty services. (New constructions)

Appliances guaranteed and air conditioning in new constructions. (New constructions)

Contact the property administrator (HOA) to resolve any issues.

Purchases of products such as bedding, table and bath, and other items damaged by use, in addition to spare parts, always with prior authorization of the client.

Preventive maintenance of the property, including the hiring of "Handyman" for carpet washing, painting of baseboards and other necessary points of the house.

Complete Marketing Service, using 14 websites to promote the locations. (short term contracts)

Short term contract values ​​with DTB Florida Realty:

Plan 1-A (Townhouse) - Monthly fixed amount of $ 150.00 / month (for execution of the services listed above plus 15% of rental value (including marketing on 14 websites)

Plan 1-B (Single Homes) - Monthly fixed amount of $ 200.00 / month (for execution of the services listed above plus 15% of rental value (including marketing on 14 websites)

Plano 2 (Townhouse e single homes) – No monthly fixed amount, instead its 20% commission of rental value. (including marketing on 14 websites)

Services offered - Long Term Contracts (annual leases)

For long term contracts, they place ads on the integrated brokerage system in Florida (MLS)

Hiring third parties, cleaning and maintenance of the property after the departure of the tenant.

Long Term Contract Values ​​with DTB Florida Realty:

We charge the amount of the first rent and a 10% rate on the monthly amount of the lease.

Note: The contracting of third parties for maintenance and services will only be performed after prior approval of the client.


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