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Orlando is a good opportunity for 

Investing in Real Estate

Invest in apartments and houses in Orlando, Florida with the assistance of a real estate agent who understands the business and stabilizes your income. Here at DTB FLORIDA REALTY we use all of our  knowledge and the best tools to find the most suitable properties for each client, with the best cost-benefit.


The Orlando and Miami regions are great places to invest in real estate as prices are still very affordable. The real estate market is booming and it is one of the most visited places in the world.

Why Invest in Orlando Real Estate?

Investors often buy property for rent, personal use, or both. A good option for investors is to buy vacation rental properties. Around 60 million tourists from around the world seek Orlando as a destination annually due to the variety of attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, NASA Space Center and many others.

Most of these tourists prefer to rent vacation homes in Orlando instead of hotels. Here at DTB Florida Realty we have DTB PROPERTY MANAGEMENT that will take care of lease and maintenance contracts for your property. We also take care of the marketing strategy to promote bookings in the most famous websites such as AirBnb,, and others.

Many investors are foreigners, or Americans who live in other regions of the United States. These investors usually use a real estate service to manage their property and DTB offers these services to facilitate the negotiation. We also offer the same services to Brazilian investors who seem to be very eager to invest in Orlando.

Investing in rental housing is also a good option as it has a higher occupancy rate. The return on invested capital in this modality is around 06 to 1% net per month.


How to invest in real estate in Orlando?

Our company will assist you in the entire investment process. Here at DTB Florida Realty, we will guide you through all necessary documents and bank transactions whether national or international. Contact us today, and we'll advise you step-by-step on how to invest in Orlando homes.

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