Living in Orlando? What you need, what it's like, what the costs and advantages

There are several details that need to be checked before choosing a new home. And when you think about a change of country, the list of criteria gets even bigger. That's why we've selected the main benefits of living in Orlando, one of the u.S. cities most sought after by investors. See!

What do you need to live in Orlando?

Before we go into all the details of what it's like to live in Orlando, we need to understand a little more of what is needed to achieve this goal. After all, to live in Orlando it is not necessary to just buy a ticket and knock on the door of the U.S. borders.

To live in Orlando is necessary what is known as "Green Card", which is literally a green card of permanent residence in the United States.

The US Permanent Resident Card binds its owner to a permanent residence on U.S. soil, that residence that is associated with all expected rights, such as working on U.S. soil, the ability to pass the right to children and spouses, and so on.

You can also buy and rent residences, study in any region of the country and more. The point is that, to get this document, some years can pass, after all, this is a very bureaucratic and dense process.

What are the main ways to get a Green Card?

There are 4 main ways to get your Green Card and live in Orlando:

  1. Getting a job on American soil, this being the most accessed process, is another way to get a Green Card. Only a few hires are able to grant the right to the Green Card, so it is interesting to apply for these jobs

  2. Being descended from an American, or even possessing someone in his family who is American. That person may request permission for you to move with her in the U.S. The process can take 2 to 8 years to complete;

  3. Through an investment in the country, whether it is establishing a new company or injecting capital so that an existing company has a new subsidiary;

  4. Finally, it is possible to obtain a Green Card through the EB-5 visa system, which concerns positions that are low in skilled labor in the USA. There are, on official websites, clear descriptions of which positions are required and how it is possible to apply for this visa.

To be able to apply for visas, it is important to have at your side an advisory able to better guide your case inside the American bureaucratic system, which can be dense and complex.

What about the experience of living in Orlando, what's it like?

Below, we have a few simple topics that seek to better explain what the experience of living in Orlando is like, we try here to paint very clearly what it is to be living on American soil in a legal way:

1 - Climate similar to The Brazilian

One of the main reasons brazilians choose to live in Orlando is the climate, which reaches thermal sensations of more than 40ºC in summer. In fact, this season seems to last more than half the year, being common to have sun for most days.

If you like a more hectic, sunny life full of family programs, surely the climate of this city will please you.

2 - Cost of living

The cost of living in Orlando is one of the best in the United States. While spending, on average, $30 for a full meal for a person in some cities in the northern U.S., orlando can have the same spent on a meal for two or even three people.

As for services such as haircut, washing clothes, among others, they are two to three times cheaper. Apart from fuel costs, which does not exceed US$2.50 per gallon (3.78L).

3 - Job opportunity

Being a tourist city, the work options are varied and the opportunities are always growing, since this is a city whose development does not stop and which has tourism always on the rise.

There is no denying that higher wages are found in larger business centers. However, it is possible to have a lot of success working in your own business in the city or even in large companies there.

4 - Taxes and fees

One of the best advantages of living in Orlando or having a company in the city is the low tax, of 6.5%, charged in the purchase of products or in the provision of services.

In addition, annual rates are much lower than in large centers such as New York and California, making cost-benefit in purchasing products and properties much more favorable.

5 - Leisure for all tastes

Orlando is surrounded by nature reserves with bbq structure, trails, dives and various outdoor activities to enjoy with the family. In addition, we can not fail to mention the famous parks of Orlando and the Orlando Eye, which guarantee fun for all ages.

To complete, the city still has themed restaurants, concert halls, wax museum, bars, stadiums, shopping malls and even beaches nearby, that is, it is a place that pleases even the most demanding tastes.

6 - Utilities

It's not hard to see how efficient public administration is in Orlando. From repairs of holes in public roads to the conservation of flowers and grasses on sidewalks, everything is very well taken care of, clean and organized.

Another important point is that public agencies have easy and quick care to ensure that any and all problems are solved, thus maintaining the quality of life of those who live in Orlando.

7 - Real estate valuation

People are feeling increasingly comfortable investing in real estate in Orlando, both for quality of life and safety, since real estate has not yet gone into overvaluation.

In fact, it is the security of Orlando neighborhoods is what makes more and more people invest in vacation homes as a source of income, leaving the property rented and generating profit while continuing to work in Brazil.

Get to know the best regions of Orlando and that can be good options to live or invest:

  • Kissimmee

  • Celebration Orlando

  • Metrowest

  • Windermere

  • Hunter’s Creek

  • Winter Park

  • Winter Garden

  • Davenport

8 - Hospitals and emergency

The prices for the services provided in the health area are not the best, but the quality and efficiency in care, undoubtedly, are reasons for tranquility.

As there are many hospitals and emergency rooms scattered throughout the city, you can quickly find one of them. In fact, if you need an emergency service, the average time for an ambulance to arrive at your location is below 5 minutes.

Homes to Live in Orlando

Finding a home to live in Orlando is a step in the process of moving to the United States. To enjoy all the benefits we've commented on above, it's important that you have a corner to call your own, a place where you can feel at home.

That's why we at Dtb Florida Realty exist, seeking to bring greater comfort and tranquility to you looking for a home in Orlando, or even who wants to invest in Real Estate in this region. Take the opportunity to check out our post on how much a house costs in Orlando!

Benefits of living in Orlando aimed at Brazilians

If after reading this article, you still have concerns about living in Orlando, such as staying away from Portuguese, Brazilian foods or their countrymen themselves, forget these details.

In orlando today almost everything can be done in Portuguese and believe me, in a few moments you will feel in Brazil. There are restaurants, supermarkets and Brazilian markets. In addition to TV channels, newspapers and magazines.

To learn more about it, check out the benefits that buying homes in Orlando generates for Brazilians or contact dtb Florida Realty brokers and ask all your questions!

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