Of the five cities with the hottest real estate markets in the US, four are in Florida!!!

In the list of the 50 largest real estate markets in the United States, in the TOP 10 we find Dallas, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County and Orlando. 4 of these are located in Florida, showing the strong market that exists in the region, as well as the appreciation of housing prices and economic and demographic growth. Learn more about this data!

Most of these cities share several common characteristics, such as economic expansion, employment growth, tourist intensity, population growth and more. Due to these healthier economic and demographic trends, there is an increasing demand for real estate, allowing for an increase in prices.

Dallas, for example, has benefited from its diversified economy, especially compared to other US metropolitan areas. Thus allowing it to resist the economic fluctuations of the market as a whole.

Orlando leads this list, being the city with the highest appreciation in its real estate market, and we detail a little more of that below.

A market analysis of Orlando vis-a-vis the US

Speaking specifically of the Orlando real estate market, we see several substantial steps towards even greater growth. Employment, for example, rose by 4.1% in the last year. Of these, 21% only come from the leisure and hospitality sector, which includes both the parks that drive tourism and the hotel sector.

Even local wages rose 27%. This, added to the growth of the local population, which both as a result of births and immigration grew 2% in the last 4 consecutive years, makes Orlando has one of the best economic prospects of the entire American nation.

All these arguments lead to a single reasoning: investing in Orlando is one of the surest ways to achieve financial security and important returns!

Interested in investing in the Florida Real Estate Market?

Florida's cities have benefited immensely in several ways, whether due to the opening of more areas in the region's parks, investments in tourist and social infrastructure, as well as positive fluctuations for the American market.

In any case, investing in the Florida real estate market gains more and more stars, and an increasingly superior significance for the investment portfolio of Brazilians.

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