Why Metrowest is the favorite neighborhood for Brazilians in Orlando

Here, let's talk a little more about what this neighborhood offers its residents and a little more of its structure. Check out the details we have to comment on and understand everything that is to be known about Metrowest.

Metrowest is an Oasis in the middle of Orlando

Metrowest is known as a noking of Brazilians, but above that, it is seen as a true oasis. The reason for that? In its planning, dating from the 80s, landscaping was one of the main pillars, making this region today full of trees, shrubs, public squares and so on.

The soil helps a lot, since, where today we see Metrowest, we had rows and rows of extremely productive and fertile orange groves. Today, the old fruit fields bear other kinds of fruits: with some of the best schools in Orlando, as well as being one of Orlando's most sought-after neighborhoods, Metrowest attracts investors from all corners of the world.

Metrowest is it dangerous? How is the quality of life of the region?

If you believe metrowest can be somehow dangerous, we're here to calm you down – following a pattern of other Orlando neighborhoods as well as regions endorsing in many condos in Orlando, Metrowest is a safe area with a high quality of life.

The condominiums here are endowed with several attractions, as is standard throughout Orlando, as a good leisure structure, equipped with swimming pools, party halls and so on.

Is the Cost of Living in Metrowest affordable ?

We are talking about a central region, but not necessarily at the pole of action, which makes this not necessarily an extremely expensive region.

When we envision all the benefits of the region, schools, (like Metrowest Elementary, Valencia Community College and Windy Ridge K-8) landscapes and so on, we can attest that this is a good region to invest in, and if you are looking for homes for sale in Orlando, surely this is fertile ground to consider investing.

Metrowest as a smart investment option

Located 2 minutes from Universal Studios, 20 minutes from the gates of Disney World, as well as close proximity to several tourist attractions, Metrowest offers unique benefits to its residents, as well as those who invest in the region with the aim of renting the residences for holiday rentals.

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